GET Parking solution offers drivers a contactless, convenient self-parking experience that delivers their desired outcomes.

With customizable features and workflows, GET Parking is accommodates all industry property types, complex configurations, size or number of properties, and fee structures.

Managing parking operations and delivering meaningful customer experiences is easy, fast and complete.

GET Parking adapts to all industry properties, lot configurations, sizes, and fee structures.

Driver Features and Benefits

The safe, convenient, and efficient parking experience that customers notice.

Safety at a Digital Level

Contactless parking transactions keep customers and employees safely distanced.

In-App Vehicle Locator

Can’t find your car? Drivers can quickly locate vehicles within 10' using the vehicle locator.

Remote Parking Capabilities

Drivers have the ability to remotely extend parking times and make payments.

Flexible User Options

Provide the ultimate customer experience through a convenient link. No app required.

Frictionless / SMS

Drivers get a seamless parking experience with their phones, avoiding unnecessary meters or downloads.

GET Parking Enforcement Features and Benefits

Convert your meters and kiosks into a fully touchless, safe experience.

Zone and Level Flexibility

Configure lots and meters to fit business requirements.

Multiple Payment Options

Configure any rate structure: hourly, by the time of day, or relative to the start-of-park time.

Geofencing on Multiple Properties

Set how close the enforcer needs to be and support an unlimited number of lots with geofencing.

Vehicle Expiration Locator

Automatically arrange lots by location with a proprietary feature for vehicle expiration.

Automatic Driver Communications

Set up push communications with photo evidence to instruct registered drivers.

Personalized Parking Closeouts

Drivers get parking space closeout options like SMS confirmation, new vehicle registration, or manual input.

Apply and Pay Fines

Apply fines and allow drivers to pay through the app transaction started when initially parked — no download needed.

Real-time Reporting

Gain data-driven insights through reports like detailed daily transactions, vehicle volume, inventory, revenue, and more.

Restful Data API Capability

Consolidate all internal parking and vehicle data through a seamless API integration.

GET Pricing

Fair pricing that fits your budget.