GET IT Solutions

Create meaningful driver experiences by improving operational efficiencies. GET IT solutions open the door to insightful opportunities that connect drivers to what they want. 

Experience driver loyalty for parking operators and the businesses and property owners they serve.

Impact Customers. Transform Operations. Optimize Profits.

Real-world collaboration

GET IT solutions are designed using input from real-world parking operators, managers and valet attendants as well as drivers.

In addition, we analyzed the driver parking journey to better understand their needs and discovered drivers had distinct needs when the journey was broadened.

In order to deliver a truly transformative solution, GET IT built features to accommodate these needs.

This collaborative, driver-centric approach connects drivers to what they want and matters to them.

Exclusive features go the extra mile.

Iconography Integration

Colored visual prompts greatly reduce an attendant's time organizing queues.

Real-time arrival times create visibility and reduce staging area bottlenecks.

About FlightAware

Built-in navigation offers a hassle-free driver experience and the ability to locate vehicles within 10'.

Create meaningful, convenient, and complete parking experiences.

GET Benefits

Optimize Operations and Profits
GET IT solutions are designed to streamline processes and close operational gaps.

The results are enhanced customer experiences, transparent real-time data and optimized profits.
Proven Reliability
Concerned about accessibility and uptime? GET IT solutions are built on an elastic, fully redundant platform with 99.999% uptime.

That translates into less than 26 minutes of downtime in one year!
Safe and Simple
Offer customers a swift and efficient process with solutions that are simple and easy to use.

Promote safety through contactless services so customers feel secure and confident.
Adaptable Features
GET 360 provides for any number of locations, pricing structure and timeframe configurations.

Configuration changes are quick and easy.
Personalized Training and Support
GET IT provides professional experts for training and support.

Our goal is to gain your trust and instill confidence that your customers will notice.
Brand and Customize
GET solutions can be branded to your company specifications!

Set-up is a breeze with customizable workflows and features, including location configuration and digital payment options.
Increase Productivity
GET Analytics deliver powerful metrics and needs-based insights so operations can make intelligent, well-informed decisions.

Better decision-making increases productivity and the bottom-line.
Scalable and Device-Ready
GET 360, our proprietary administrative tool, accommodates any size business, number of locations, property configuration, and any device.

Imagine running your business from anywhere in the world at any time.
Rapid Implementation
Getting started has never been simpler and easier.

Our team of industry experts can have your customized solution up and running in as little as two days!
Built for the Future
Built with advanced architecture and technology, the GET IT platform is future ready.

As your business, the parking industry, and the world changes, our platform is prepared to evolve.
Simple. Thorough. Fast.

GET Started

After choosing GET IT as the preferred parking solution, the implementation process is simple and easy.

Configurations, roles, permissions, and reports are set-up to your specific business needs.

In as little as two days, our team of experts can have you up and running.

Five Simple Steps.

Step 1 | Discovery

We will collaboratively discuss and document your specifications, processes, needs, and business objectives.

Step 2 | Setup

Our experts will craft a customized solution based on the documented specifications.

Step 3 | Reveal

We will present your solution to organizational key players to ensure it meets your unique specifications.

Step 4 | Training

Management teams and attendants get personalized training sessions and learn platform best practices to ensure adoption.

Step 5 | Go Live!

We'd love to show you more.