GET Modules

GET Modules are function specific allowing for easy customization and implementation.

Built on the GET Platform, GET Modules integrate with each GET Solution as well as with each other. 

GET Modules are designed to accommodate future needs and changes.

GET 360: a complete operations hub

From shift scheduling to analyzing performance, GET 360 is the heart of GET IT solutions.

Personnel can run operations remotely anytime, from anywhere.

Operational real-time reports: performance, shifts, single/multiple locations
Self-service administration

Self-service administration and management for attendants is simple and easy.

Real-time valet reports

Valet reports, locations and attendants, produced using real-time data.

Shift reports

Up to six different shift reports that can span days.

Performance reports

Reporting includes attendant and total location performance.

Configuration options: property, pricing, validation, add-ons, coupons, transactions, receipts

Supports any property configuration and unlimited number of locations.

Supports any price structure

Supports any fee structure configuration.

Validation options

Fee Validation either with notes or controlled by QR code.

Add additional services

Add additional services to create additional revenue streams.

Add coupon codes

Coupon codes with start and end dates

Card transaction options

Provides scanning or swiping for credit card transactions.

Receipt delivery options

Offers receipt delivery options: SMS, email, or none at all.

GET Analytics: a robust reporting tool

 Management can make well-informed decisions based on insightful customized metrics.

Easy to produce tailored reports

Easily produce tailored reports using detailed data based on specific business requirements.

Insightful metrics

Make well-informed business decisions using insightful metrics and analytics.

Proactive management approach

Ability to manage operations with a proactive approach. Decision-making is based on real-time data.

Comprehensive reports

If there is data, it can be mined to generate meaningful metrics and comprehensive reports.

GET Checked: a client shared data repository

Attendants can create, view, and update any vehicle damage and attach photos, including odometer.

Vehicle data tracking

Easily document vehicle damage and repairs. Attach up to five photos.

Odometer documentation

Upload a photo of odometer reading. Peace-of-mind for management and drivers.

Shared data repository

Vehicle data shared with all GET IT clients for most up-to-date information.

Data auto-populates

Vehicle data automatically populates based on license plate number.

GET Enforced: a multi-lot geofenced app

A comprehensive, easy-to-use app for quick lot management and control by enforcement.

Multi-zone / multi-level flexibility

Configure lots or meters to fit business requirements.

Configure any rate structure

Configure any rate structure needed: hourly, by time of day, and/or relative to start of park time.

Multi-lot geofencing

Support an unlimited number of lots and set how close the enforcer needs to be with geofencing.

Vehicle expiration locator

A proprietary vehicle expiration locator feature automatically arranges lots by location.

Space closeout options

Parking space closeout options: SMS confirmation, new vehicle registration, or manual input.

Apply predetermined fines

Ability to deliver and pay fines through the app transaction driver started when initially parked - no app to download.

GET Pass: a time-sensitive QR code pass

Attendants scan a unique QR code sent to drivers for a contactless, rapid parking experience.

Accommodates various types of drivers

Accommodates drivers in various industries. Identifies and tracks hotel guests, hotel guest visitors, and residential visitors.


Activated for the time of stay. Expires upon checkout or at the end of the last day.

Contactless for safety

QR code is sent via SMS and is scanned at a safe distance with no attendant contact.

GET Payments Integration

Guests securely pay, tip, and receive a receipt through GET Payments.

GET Payments: a digital payment system

Customers securely pay fees, tips and fines remotely, saving valuable time.

Remote payment option

Pay valet parking fee/tip remotely when notifying attendant to retrieve vehicle. Attendant also notified of payment.


Payment transaction data is secure with a powerful PCI-validated P2PE and patented tokenization.

Frictionless and safe

Remote payment option provides drivers a safe, frictionless experience.

Saves time

Remote payment allows for a no wait vehicle retrieval process saving drivers valuable time.

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