Parking Technology and Sustainability: Reducing Environmental Impact with Sustainable Parking Solutions

By: David Garrard

Parking companies and facilities managers continually explore ways to reduce their environmental impact and improve sustainability. Across industries and applications, parking technology is emerging as a potential solution.

The right parking innovations can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve sustainability. With the ever-growing demand for sustainable practices, parking companies have an opportunity to lead the charge and set an example for the rest of the industry.

How Parking Technology Improves Sustainability

Sustainable parking technologies improve traffic flow and help facility managers meet parking demands with fewer spaces and less real estate. These technologies include:

  • Parking guidance systems
  • Digital payments
  • Car-sharing programs
  • and more!

Advances in parking technology reduce the demand for traditional parking spaces and lowers parking’s carbon footprint at the same time. Self-service tools promote more efficient traffic flow and decrease idling time, both of which result in reduced emissions.

While the initial investment in certain parking technology can be significant, the long-term financial and environmental benefits make it well worth it. Beyond reducing emissions, parking technology can lower operating costs related to:

  • Fuel consumption
  • Electricity
  • Vehicle wear and tear

Another aspect to consider is for businesses themselves. For example, hotels that invest in sustainable parking solutions not only help to improve our environment, they save money, and improve guest satisfaction. After all, happy guests are more likely to return — and recommend your property to others.

Five Ways to Reduce Environmental Impact with Sustainable Parking Solutions

Facility managers looking to make their properties more sustainable would do well to explore the many options available for incorporating parking technology into their operations. Here are several solutions that help support a more sustainable future for the parking industry:

1. Parking Guidance Systems

Implementing a parking guidance system can help direct drivers to available spaces quickly and accurately. These systems reduce the time drivers spend idling or circling the lot to find an open spot. Parking guidance systems also prevent frustrating traffic jams and long lines, improving traffic flow and driver experience simultaneously.

2. Digital Payments

Replacing traditional manual payment systems with a digital payments solution reduces the need for paper receipts and helps save on operating costs. Some digital payments applications even allow drivers to extend parking times remotely.
3. Car-Sharing Programs

Car-sharing solutions give drivers and passengers alternative transportation options and reduce the demand for traditional parking spaces. Drivers can rent cars by the hour or day, then leave vehicles at designated parking areas throughout the city so other drivers can rent them out once again. Car-sharing also reduces rental car mileage since it doesn’t require round-trip returns.

4. Green Infrastructure

Incorporating green infrastructure into parking lots and garages, such as solar panels or vegetative roofs, can help reduce the heat island effect and lower energy usage. Building investors can account for sustainability during the planning process by exploring ways to maximize square footage and implement electric charging stations into new parking complexes.

5. Electric Charging Stations

Electric vehicle charging stations encourage drivers to switch to more environmentally friendly transportation options. These solutions also give those who’ve already made the switch a convenient, accessible way to charge their electric vehicle.

Make Parking More Sustainable with GET IT

Parking technology is a vital piece of the sustainability puzzle. There are many different ways facility managers can leverage sustainable parking solutions to reduce environmental impact. The long-term financial and environmental benefits make investing in parking technology an intelligent choice for any hotelier or facility manager.

At GET IT, we provide ticketless parking solutions for self-park and valet operations that benefit the environment, our clients, and their guests alike.

Our digital tools streamline management operations, increase efficiency, and drive business growth, all while contributing to a more sustainable approach to transportation.

At the office, drivers can leverage flexible parking membership to manage their parking preferences and payments without navigating their way through frustrating support bots. Instead, they can control every aspect of their membership — from license plate registration to recurring payments — from their mobile device or computer.

Want to see how GET IT can help you reimagine your parking operations?

GET in touch with us today to start the conversation.


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