Improve City Parking Operations With GET IT’s Highly Adaptable Software

By: Eddie Westerfield

Parking is a complicated problem for many cities. Without vehicle accommodation, businesses struggle to thrive, and events are difficult to host. Visitors are frustrated when they can’t find available parking spaces or experience payment issues. To help keep parking operations running smoothly and efficiently, cities must rely on smarter parking technology.

And while parking technology provides a better experience for residents and visitors, it should also streamline the jobs of attendants, officers, or enforcement agents in charge of monitoring municipality parking.

GET IT offers flexible and customizable solutions that are easy to use. Keep reading to learn how GET IT transforms parking operations — no matter the size, challenges, or layout of your city’s parking infrastructure.

The Problem of City Parking in 2022

Mobility and parking form a hand-in-hand challenge that cities need to solve if they want to boost revenue and engagement. Outdated parking solutions can pose a problem that hurts your city’s bottom line.

Negative Parking Experiences Deter Visitors

When parking in an unfamiliar city, people often struggle with issues like searching for an available spot, quickly understanding the cost, and sticking to the time limit. People can have a bad experience if they struggle with accessibility or receive a surprise ticket for a violation.

The stress of parking is a very real barrier that prevents people from attending events or patronizing businesses in the city.

Drivers Expect Convenient, Modern Technology

With fast-paced changes in the tech world, an increasing number of people expect city services to include modern tools. A driver might expect digital convenience for things like:

  • Finding available spots
  • Using virtual payment options
  • Improving parking sustainability
  • Extending parking time remotely
  • Receiving expiration warnings
  • Locating their vehicle quickly

Cities Face Worker Shortages

On the other hand, cities are looking for ways to reduce wasted man hours and improve efficiency for their parking enforcement officers. Cities all over the U.S. are facing serious staffing shortages.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), over 11 million job openings exist in the U.S. According to N.C. League of Municipalities (NCLM), municipalities all over the U.S. have felt the widespread effects of worker shortages and service interruptions due to the current labor landscape.

With modern technology helping alleviate parking attendant burdens, it should come as no surprise that experts predict a reduced human capital demand in this workforce segment. City leaders are happy to shift their human capital to other tasks whenever they can. The BLS reports a -35% decline of parking enforcement workers across the country projected by 2030.

To help your workforce be as productive as possible, you must streamline simple daily tasks — like parking.

Aside from the potential revenue increase and boosted worker efficiency, better parking can also help improve your organization’s reputation. People get frustrated if parking is difficult to find, expensive, inconvenient, or confusing. Insights on occupancy and availability can help you manage events and provide quality parking for your visitors.

Using modern tech to streamline parking payments, communication, and navigation can help boost a positive public perception of your organization. Cutting-edge solutions offer more payment options, user-friendly online portals, and important parking information — all located right on the driver’s phone.

How Does GET IT Work for Municipalities?

Municipalities have many unique parking configurations they need to monitor.

GET Parking is a flexible, customizable parking software with an easy setup -— whether your city uses meters, open lots, or garages for public parking. With multi-lot geofencing, you can monitor and track an unlimited number of customized parameters.

We provide detailed, real-time reports for each location and the ability to configure spaces by any rate structure needed. Drivers can pay through a website or mobile app, then use their initial in-app transaction to extend parking time, see any related parking tickets, or pay additional fines for parking violations — all on one convenient platform. Plus, a vehicle expiration locator feature helps automate parking enforcement.

How GET IT Software Supports City Parking

It’s time for a smart parking solution in your city. Here are some huge benefits GET IT offers municipalities and city leadership.

Flexible Solution

You need a solution that is extremely flexible and adaptable. Different cities have different budgets and properties they need to cover. We make it possible to find a solution that fits your budget with a variety of easy-to-configure features that accommodate unique pricing models, tandem or stack parking, custom lot configurations, and more.

Integrates Easily

You shouldn’t have to make many operational changes to implement your new parking solution. GET Parking can plug into your city’s existing hardware environment or be used directly via “software-only operations.” We make it fast and easy to get started -— for you, your officers, AND your drivers.

Device Friendly

Offer a truly remote solution that works with the equipment you already have in place. Attendants can download GET IT on their smartphones or tablets, running everything through them without needing additional hardware.

Nuanced and Customized

Many existing parking software options provide a single, one-size-fits-all solution that doesn’t actually fit your needs. GET IT offers a range of features and benefits that will provide a convenient, time-saving, and workable parking solution for your city. We meet with operators and city planners to understand the nuances of your area, offering a tailor-made fit.

Intelligent Reporting

GET IT makes it easy for operators and directors to manage insightful data at a granular level and overarching level simultaneously. Dial in on local or regional specs for increased clarity or informed city planning. Use real-time information to help guide local enforcement officers. Download detailed reports to analyze every meter, lot, and garage. Or, use the bird’s-eye view to support high-level managerial oversight.

Use GET IT to Boost Operations

Cost-effective, relevant technology is crucial for a growing and competitive city. Improve profits and public perception with a parking solution that works FOR you.

We’d love to show you what GET IT can do.

GET in touch with us today, and let’s talk parking operations.


As Chief Product Officer at GET IT, Eddie is relentless in how to develop technology solutions that deliver the desired results that meet customer needs.

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