How to Simplify Your Parking With Digital Transformation

By: Eddie Westerfield

Parking may seem simple to drivers, but operators know it really involves the complex management of space constraints, timing, pay structures, tracking, ticketing, and more.

But what exactly does digital transformation mean for the valet parking industry?

New tech can make the entire process more profitable and easier to manage. Let’s dive into how digital transformation can create simplified parking solutions.

What Makes Parking Complicated?

To the average onlooker, parking might seem straightforward — a space of concrete dedicated to vehicle placement. But drivers don’t see what all goes into the process.

Before even getting into their car, a driver thinks about the route they will take, what time of day they can best avoid traffic, and the availability of an easy-to-find parking space. They aren’t even considering the many configurations, fee structures, and technical details that go into parking.

However, if the process isn’t simple and straightforward, they are likely to feel negatively towards your business and choose a different parking option in the future. So, parking managers need to take care of all the complex details while making the process feel easy and affordable for the driver.

How Digital Transformation Simplifies Parking

New, innovative, data-driven technologies offer transformational opportunities to businesses.

Digital transformation includes fundamental changes to help operators stay competitive, agile, and in-demand.

When done right, digital transformation combines three key components: driver, attendant, and technology.

New solutions should increase efficiency and improve differentiation to yield a more effective and personalized customer experience. Digital transformation can create a positive experience where technology and human interaction work in concert together.

How to Transform Your Parking Operations

Start with a customer-centric mindset to choose technology that focuses on user-friendly automation to meet their needs. In the case of valet parking, digital transformation doesn’t necessarily mean replacing attendants with robots.

Instead, innovation makes it possible to rethink a task-driven process while keeping the customer’s experience front and center.

For valet parking, GET IT offers value-driven, advanced technology that supports both the driver and parking attendant. This end-to-end, holistic solution will revolutionize your parking control and capabilities.

How Can Software Transform Valet Parking?

Let’s consider the issue of tandem vehicle extraction and how digital transformation might change the traditional process.

When parking space is at a premium, attendants will park vehicles in a tandem arrangement. If a customer with a vehicle two or more deep in the arrangement needs to leave, the process can take additional time.

The attendant must identify which vehicles need to be moved to get to the desired vehicle. They then find the keys to each of those vehicles before they can start the process. Not only does this cause a longer wait time for the customers, but it can cause a backlog for the entire operation.

What if technology made the entire process more organized and efficient?

GET Valet software can identify and track vehicles as they are placed in the tandem configuration. Using the database, attendants can skip the vehicle identification step altogether and find out which keys need to be pulled to move the involved vehicles.

Technology can even go beyond basic data — like the license plate number, make, and model of the vehicle — to simplify the process even further. GET IT created color-coded icons so the attendant comprehends in split seconds what action needs to take place at any given time.

Small changes can make the entire process more productive and positive for your employees. Faster service and happier employees create a better experience for the customer as well.

Accelerate Digital Transformation With GET IT’s Simplified Parking Solutions

Parking isn’t a standardized problem, and a one-size-fits-all solution isn’t going to feel like a good fit. At GET IT, we believe true digital transformation solutions should fit your business’s unique needs and challenges.

Better software means faster service, supported attendants, and more informed customers.

In today’s world of instant gratification and personalized experiences, customer expectations are exceptionally high. Split seconds can mean the difference between a positive or downright ugly outcome.

To truly create a transformative technology for parking, GET IT used a customer-centric approach before writing one line of code. We’ve examined every micro-instance of the customer and employee journey. Using state-of-art technology, we designed the GET Valet platform to offer rich, flexible features to best accommodate your needs.

Ready to see how GET IT can power your digital transformation?

GET in touch with us today, and let’s talk parking operations.

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