Smarter. Meaningful. Complete.

Modernize parking operations

GET IT delivers smarter frictionless parking solutions that modernizes operations and redefines the driver's parking experience.

Using a customer centric approach, GET IT built a SaaS platform that empowers employees, creates customer loyalty, and reignites growth.

Parking transactions are now transformed into meaningful ticketless parking experiences.
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Adaptable. Insightful. Efficient.

Smarter parking solutions done right.

GET Parking, a self-parking solution, and GET Valet, an assisted parking solution, continuously adapt to drivers’ changing needs. How? By enabling the discovery of insightful opportunities and operational efficiencies.

By collaborating with real-world operators and owners, GET IT built state-of-the-art features and workflows that easily accommodate multiple parking locations, configurations, fee structures, and industry characteristics.

And the best part – there is no requirement for up-front hardware or capital investment.
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GET Parking

GET Parking

a digital, contactless self-parking solution

GET Valet

GET Valet

a digital, frictionless assisted parking solution

GET Analytics

GET Analytics
provides robust metrics and reporting.

GET Enforced

GET Enforced
app for easy multi-lot geofencing management.

GET 360

GET 360
is a proprietary, dynamic operations hub.

GET Payments

GET Payments
is a contactless, secure digital payment system.

GET Pass

GET Pass
is a mobile enabled, time sensitive QR code.

GET Checked

GET Checked
is a cloud database for vehicle damage information

Smart. Comprehensive. Complete.

The GET IT SaaS Platform

The GET IT SaaS Platform provides two highly efficient and effective solutions, GET Parking and GET Valet, that deliver meaningful driver experiences.

To ensure reliable and consistent performance, we created interchangeable, function specific modules that support each solution.
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Easily connect drivers to what they want by creating exceptional parking experiences.

GET Parking is a digital, contactless self-parking solution designed to accommodate all industry property types, complex configurations, size or number of properties, and fee structures.

GET Parking facilitates identifying and closing process gaps improving the driver’s experience by delivering outcomes they desire.

Leap frog the competition with the ultimate driver experience that is fast and convenient!

Contactless service

Completely contactless service that's safe for drivers and enforcement officers.

Automated alerts

Automated mobile alerts, including expiration warning, that benefit the driver.

In-app vehicle locator

In a sea of hundreds of vehicles, drivers can find their vehicle within 10' using the in-app vehicle locator.

GET Valet is a digital, frictionless assisted parking solution designed to accommodate any number and combination of valet stands and property locations.

By incorporating iconography and visual prompts, attendants are more efficient so they can focus on drivers.

Create driver loyalty with GET Valet, the only parking solution that addresses driver needs specific to each industry.

License plate recognition (LPR)

Take a photo of license plate to auto-retrieve vehicle data. No data entry. Eliminates “fat finger” typos. Decrease check-in time.

Improve attendant productivity

Improve attendant productivity with real-time data and metrics to make well-informed decisions.

Iconography delivers efficiency

Iconography provides visual prompts greatly reducing attendant time managing queues and vehicle retrieval.

Ticketless service

Options to choose a completely ticketless or a partial ticket solution.

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The industries we serve.

What people are saying.

At first I was a little skeptical as we have very similar products. However, we found GET Valet to be a strong partner who listens to our needs and collaborates to create solutions. I wish more companies took the same approach.

Kynn Knight
EVP, LAZ Parking

GET Valet is one of the easiest apps I have ever used. I am a 75-year-old manager and if I can get it, it shows how easy it is. The team is always making it easier too. If there are any problems, the GET Valet team is always there to help. I am pleased to be working with this team.

Rhoda Harvey
Manager, REEF Technology

GET IT’s attendant app is very easy to use. When I train new employees, they pick it up quickly. It’s quite intuitive.

Valet Captian
Prominent Luxury Hotel Group

GET IT apps are incredibly intuitive and so easy for our customers and staff to use it. I really love the real-time reporting for reconciling at the end of the day. It has saved me so much time.

Jennifer Ratliff
Manager, REEF Technology

Why drivers love GET IT solutions.

Drivers love the convenience, ease-of-use, and safety GET IT solutions provide.

They also love the quick and secure GET IT parking technology. 

No app to install

A simple text, click link, off and running.


Drivers do not have to touch anything, just their phone.

No registration

Provide the ultimate driver experience with a convenient link. Click, answer a few questions, on the way.

Why parking operators and business owners love GET IT solutions.

Parking operators and business owners love the streamlined processes, tracking, and financial gains.

With unique features and modules, management can create meaningful experiences by focusing on the driver.

Real-time data

Real-time, comprehensive data at your fingertips.

Remote management

Manage operations anytime, anywhere with cloud-based solutions.

GET 360 hub

Provides management a complete view to make well-informed decisions.

Collaboration. Partnership. Results.

GET Clients

Educate. Collaborate. Understand.

GET Informed

GET Pricing

Fair and reasonable pricing that fits your budget.